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Bob's Business

The following training provider has had their corporate training processes, policies and procedures successfully assessed against the CREST criteria for the Approved Training Provider discipline but has not yet submitted any training modules.

Bob’s Business is a cyber security awareness training company on a mission to help you bridge the knowledge gap between IT and end users. We will provide your organisation with engaging and memorable ways to help keep your sensitive information secure.

You shouldn’t be taking risks with keeping your company’s sensitive information safe, by aligning your policies with our training courses, you can cause a natural attitude change towards cyber security awareness and GDPR compliance training.

We create memorable learning experiences through a modular approach, with learning resources designed to cause a natural behavioural change.

Our engaging animation style simulates reality in work-related scenarios on cyber security and compliance topics in a structure that makes them more related to you.

Our courses are clear, concise and entertaining, with a strong utilisation of humour throughout, making cyber security and compliance training captivating.

All of our courses take no longer than 10 minutes to avoid taking up too much time and are optimised for mobile.

Contact: Melanie Oldham
E: [email protected]

T: +44 (0)330 058 3009

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  • Contact: Melanie Oldham