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Business Opportunities

Market advantage

CREST plays a pivotal role in quality assuring the cyber security industry globally, allowing our members to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and buyers to buy with confidence from CREST Accredited companies.

It can be challenging for buyers to know which cyber security service provider to trust with the task of protecting their business-critical systems and data.

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can set themselves up as a penetration testing or cyber incident response service provider. These could include individuals and organisations that do not have in place policies, processes and competencies to ensure quality of service and protection of client-based information.

That is where CREST’s unique role comes into play.

CREST provides members who successfully complete our rigorous accreditation process with measurable quality assurance for their businesses and the services they provide.

• Rigorous accreditation of business processes
• Assurance of technical staff competencies
• Enforceable Codes of Conduct and Ethics
• Fair and transparent CREST Complaint and Resolution Measures

There are many benefits to joining CREST, but perhaps the most significant for members is the bottom-line benefit of being able to market themselves as CREST Accredited and assured to the highest standards.

It gives members offering CREST Approved services an edge when competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Through our website we aim to better connect the buying community with our members helping turn buyer engagement with our website into sales leads for member companies.

Clients and potential clients know they can approach CREST members with confidence when seeking to buy cyber security services.


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