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Eligibility, applying and fees


To apply for CREST OVS organisations must:

  • Be accredited to the CREST Penetration Testing Discipline
  • Have completed the CREST Skilled Persons Register for their organisation
  • Ensure that team members have signed the CREST Code of Conduct
Find out more about the OVS Accreditation process


Existing CREST members can apply for CREST OVS via the CREST Membership Portal.

The application form explaining the requirements is available on the Portal and can be accessed by members when they are logged in.

All other enquiries about starting a membership application should be made to [email protected]


There is an annual fee of £2,000 ($2,500) for CREST OVS. This fee goes towards funding the program and also supporting the maintenance of OWASP’s ASVS and MASVS.

Please note, this fee is in addition to the CREST Annual Membership fee.

For the initial application there will be a non-refundable application submission fee of £500 ($600) invoiced upon receipt of a completed application. This fee will also cover resubmission of the application up to a maximum of two times following feedback.

Initial Application

£500 ($600) Application Submission Fee

£2,000 ($2,500) Annual program fee*

*If you apply during the term of an existing membership the annual fee will be pro-rated to the remaining term (eg. 6 months remaining would equal £1,000 ($1,250)). All figures quoted are exclusive of tax.

CREST membership fees