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As a global membership, accreditation and certification organisation, CREST occupies a unique position at the centre of the international cyber security industry.

Our member companies, our CREST qualified individuals and our partners and contacts across government, regulatory bodies, the buying community, academia and professional organisations together form a vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise upon which we can draw upon and share among our community.

Our content is informed by and often sourced from members and stakeholders, and is provided for the benefit of our members and the cyber security industry more widely.

In many ways, CREST can be thought of as a producer of professional content.

• The content of our industry-leading accreditation processes has been developed over many years, in partnership with members and regulators, to provide measurable quality assurance that is rigorous and fit for purpose without being excessively onerous on busy businesses.

• The content of our examinations makes CREST certifications the professional credentials of choice for more than 3,000 cyber security professionals around the world. This content is developed exclusively for CREST by industry experts with input from regulators and other stakeholders.

• Through our international network spanning hundreds of companies, regulators, professional bodies and thousands of CREST qualified individuals, we collect and collate information and insight that shapes and informs our content output in the form of reports, research, good practice guides, articles and practical tools for members.

• CREST runs dozens of webinars, working groups and conferences. Content is shared via these channels to thousands of people online and face-to-face, contributing to and leading debates within the cyber security profession and helping to shape and support national and international agendas on cyber security.

• Our popular CRESTCon events now run in the UK, Australia and Singapore with plans to run an event in the USA. Papers, peer reviewed by CREST industry experts, are presented at these conferences and shared online.

• Our webinars are very popular with members and stakeholders providing an opportunity hear presentations on technical issues as well as the sharing of content about the industry and CREST.

• Our work in Africa and parts of Southeast Asia has produce a wealth of content. This includes an interactive Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment of the Global Ecoystem (CMAGE) database allowing anyone to search a raft of measures and data relating to surveyed countries. In addition, it has produced a number of good practice guides that share knowledge and experience on the development of effective approaches to cyber security.

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