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Securin Inc Achieves CREST Accreditation


27 April 2023

Securin Inc, a leading provider of tech-enabled cybersecurity solutions, has been awarded CREST Accreditation for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

CREST is an internationally recognized organization that provides accreditation for companies that meet rigorous standards for information security, process capabilities, and security policies. This certification provides an objective and independent evaluation of Securin Inc.’s security protocols and ability to provide high-quality security services.

“We are excited to receive the CREST accreditation for our Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment services,” said Aaron Sandeen, CEO and Co-founder of Securin. “This recognition reiterates our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality of cybersecurity services through strong operation procedures, data security policies, and technical expertise.”

With over 100+ Pentesters, threat hunters, and security analysts, Securin’s Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management solutions are helping customers worldwide to improve their security posture against evolving threats.

“We congratulate Securin in achieving CREST accreditation for Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing. The accreditation is a strong endorsement of the teams and the commitment to robust business processes, data security, and testing methodologies,” said Tom Brennan, CREST Executive Director, Americas. “It also reflects the growing influence of CREST across the Americas and the growing demand for highly-skilled penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services from trusted providers that can demonstrate internationally-recognized, independent validation.”

With the CREST accreditation, Securin Inc joins a select group of companies that have demonstrated their technical capabilities and expertise in providing high-quality cybersecurity solutions. The accreditation further strengthens Securin Inc’s position as a trusted cybersecurity partner for organizations of all sizes and industries.

About Securin Inc

Securin is a leading provider of tech-enabled cybersecurity solutions, helping hundreds of customers worldwide gain resilience against emerging threats. Our products and services are powered by accurate vulnerability intelligence, human expertise, and automation, enabling enterprises to make critical security decisions to manage their expanding attack surfaces.

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