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Immersive Labs Practice Labs

CREST has partnered with Immersive Labs to offer access to CREST-aligned content to supercharge examination preparation and provide experiential hands-on training.

Seize this brilliant opportunity to prepare for your CREST examinations with the leader in people-centric cyber resilience.

Get access to realistic simulations to evaluate your skills and decision-making abilities against the latest threats, and measure your cyber readiness compared to industry benchmarks.

Immersive Labs CREST pathways

Already a CREST member?

CREST members can get access to CREST-aligned preparation pathways for free until June 2024 thanks to this new partnership. We have already asked all our member companies to provide a dedicated point of contact who will receive a registration link and access codes for staff to register with Immersive Labs.

Not a CREST member?

If you’re not yet a CREST member but are interested in Immersive Labs’ award-winning platform which features more than 1,800 labs, then visit their website to get started.


*Please see FAQs for full information.