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CREST launches Cyber Leaders Forum UK

CREST International has announced the formation of its new Cyber Leaders Forum within the UK.

We intend to create a group of regional representatives from a diverse range of industries and markets, connected with buying services in the cyber security industry, including but not limited to:

Please note: this list is indicative and not exhaustive. If your industry or market is not listed here we may still want to hear from you so please consider applying.

The CREST Council provides a route for CREST members to represent the cyber industry, therefore we are seeking representatives from industry verticals to complement the elected council. The role of the Cyber Leaders Forum is to:

We need individuals who can help CREST develop our unique offering to the buying community. We want to make sure that the buying process is seamless, and that buyers can know who to trust.

Dave Allan, Chair of the CREST Cyber Leaders Forum UK said:

“Through this forum, we want to make the UK a safer place to do business and raise the barrier of entry for criminals and APTs to operate. I am passionate that CREST can use its platform to reduce cyber-harm in the UK by helping execs, managers, leaders, and other buyers easily identify approved expertise.

I believe that the CREST badge on a proposal or website should be a market differentiator and mark of excellence, giving assurance to buyers of security services that they are buying expertise that has been independently verified and assured.”

All interested candidates are encouraged to self-nominate, embodying the spirit of collaboration and expertise that the cyber security domain demands. You can access the nomination form via this dedicated web address at CREST UK Cyber Leaders Forum Nomination Form.

Those selected to join the forum will have the unique opportunity to influence policies, drive innovations, and enhance the overall cyber resilience of critical national infrastructure.

Join our cause to revolutionise the digital world and make it a safer, more secure place for everyone. Your contribution in forging this path forward is invaluable. Together, let’s create a better future for all.