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CybergymIEC empowers organizations to fortify their cybersecurity posture with a unique and comprehensive approach to cyber defense. Drawing on a decade of experience in delivering tailored cyber-training solutions crafted by real hackers, CybergymIEC provides an unparalleled blend of training platforms and programs and IT-OT  value-added services. With its foundation in protecting the critical infrastructure of the Israel Electric Corporation—one of the world's most targeted organizations—CybergymIEC's suite ensures organizations are well-prepared to repel cyber threats.

Offering a diverse portfolio including the Cyber Arena training platform, CybergymIEC equips entities within critical sectors—such as energy, financial services, healthcare, and government—with the capabilities to train their employees as cyber defenders, optimizing skills and teamwork. Through authentic warfare training, advanced cyber picture tools, and strategic vulnerability assessments, CybergymIEC not only secures infrastructures globally but also tailors its offerings to the unique DNA of each organization, ensuring the highest level of preparedness and resilience against evolving cyber threats.

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General Cyber Training

General Cyber Training

CybergymIEC elevates cybersecurity training to an unparalleled level of excellence and effectiveness, focusing on practical, real-world preparedness and resilience against cyber threats. At the heart of its offerings are two core training programs designed to meet a wide array of organizational needs:

  1. Single Topic Training: These sessions concentrate on enhancing skills and knowledge in particular cybersecurity areas, making them suitable for professionals across all levels. By addressing specific vulnerabilities or threats, participants can directly apply what they’ve learned to safeguard their organization’s digital assets.
  2. Comprehensive Training Programs: Tailored for a deep dive into cybersecurity, these programs cover a broad spectrum of topics. Participants emerge with a thorough understanding of various cybersecurity concepts and the practical know-how to implement robust defenses.

Benefits of CybergymIEC’s Training Programs:

Training Tailored to All Personnel: Recognizing the diverse roles within an organization, CybergymIEC offers specialized training modules for cybersecurity professionals, IT/OT professionals, general employees, and executives. This ensures that every layer of the organization is equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute to a secure cyber environment.

Instruction by Real Hackers: Participants learn from experts who have operated on the front lines of cybersecurity. These real hackers bring invaluable insights and experiences, teaching not just how to defend against cyber attacks but also how attackers think and operate.

Hands-On Training with Warfare Experience: CybergymIEC’s unique approach includes immersive, hands-on training that simulates actual cyber warfare scenarios. This practical experience prepares participants to face and neutralize real cyber threats with confidence.

Specialization in Operational Technology (OT) Security: With a deep focus on OT security, CybergymIEC addresses the specific challenges faced by critical infrastructure sectors. The training emphasizes the protection of operational systems, which are often targets of sophisticated cyber attacks.

By blending expert knowledge with practical, hands-on experience, CybergymIEC’s training programs empower organizations to not only respond to cyber threats but to proactively strengthen their cyber defenses, ensuring continuous growth and innovation in a secure digital landscape.

  • Contact: CyberGYM