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OP Innovate

OP Innovate was established in 2014 to defend global enterprises from the increasing demands of organizational cybersecurity. Our experience in the field is extensive with unmatched expertise in cyber research, penetration testing, incident response, training and forensics. We are headquartered in Israel and are exposed to cutting-edge responses to today’s most critical cybersecurity concerns. This knowledge allows us and our customers to remain ahead of the curve.

Contact: Omer Pinsker
E: [email protected]

T: 0203 807 5379

CREST Accreditations

Penetration Testing

Omer Pinsker
[email protected]

Our PT solution is based on our WASP platform, WASP combines continuous penetration testing with attack surface management (ASM) to enable application security professionals to constantly discover, assess, and manage their internal and external exposure. Tailored for app security, WASP combines code analysis that integrates with the organization’s development workflow, provides expert-level vulnerability triage, and remediation solutions that integrate with your development workflow to deliver full lifecycle visibility and management.

  • Contact: Omer Pinsker