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Orpheus Cyber Ltd

Orpheus is a leading specialist provider of threat intelligence and intelligence-led resilience testing.

We are formed of experienced intelligence and cyber security professionals and play a key role in CTIPS (Crest Threat Intelligence Professionals), the CREST sub-committee that represents CTI practitioners and providers.

As a result, we know precisely how to conduct successful cyber resilience exercises. In addition to working with Regulators to develop intelligence-led resilience testing frameworks, the Orpheus team has gained extensive experience and excellent reputations for working with a wide range of corporate clients to conduct the intelligence aspects of testing, and the subsequent capacity building. Orpheus also uses this understanding of the threat landscape to underpin its award-winning Cyber Risk Rating service.

Contact: Oliver Church
E: [email protected]

T: +44 (0)7734 603630

CREST Accreditations

Other Accreditations

Cyber Threat Intelligence (STAR)

Oliver Church
+44 (0)7734 603630
[email protected]

Orpheus specialises in providing threat intelligence for intelligence-led security testing engagements. Our team are accredited to the highest level, have extensive experience, and are recognised as experts in providing the intelligence that enables red teams to deliver accurate testing plans. We do this through a combination of sophisticated proprietary technology, bespoke research and skilled analysis. We have worked with both regulators and regulated companies to develop intelligence-led security testing frameworks in a range of critical national infrastructure sectors. We are therefore extremely well placed to advise you on how to navigate the complexities of these engagements – and manage your project to a successful outcome.

For additional information on Orpheus’ bespoke services, please see our webpage here.

CREST Qualified Consultants:

  • CREST Registered Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager
  • CREST Practitioner Threat Intelligence Analyst

Threat Intelligence Service Types:

  • Subscriptions: Bespoke Reports
  • Subscriptions: Analyst Access
  • Subscriptions: Custom Dashboards
  • Subscriptions: Data Feeds

Threat Intelligence Collection Sources:

  • Open Source
  • Sourced from Dark Web data
  • Sourced from Deep Web data
  • Sourced from Tech data
  • Contact: Oliver Church

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

There is a new and exciting opportunity for a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst to join our team. Orpheus is a specialist CTI provider that uses its understanding of the threat landscape to power its consulting, managed service, cyber risk ratings, and data services. We are also accredited to the highest level to help our clients in critical national infrastructure sectors enhance their cyber resilience via intelligence-led security testing schemes. As a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst you will lead on these assessments and our other efforts to produce timely and actionable intelligence for our clients, including supporting our award-winning Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Risk Rating services. You will also be involved in working with junior members of the team to improve their knowledge and skills. What you’ll be doing in your role: · Overseeing the intelligence products and services delivered by the team throughout the intelligence cycle and producing timely and actionable intelligence for our clients · Line management responsibility for our team of expert analysts, working with analysts and other employees to enhance their knowledge and skills · Leading on intelligence-led security testing engagements, such as CBEST, STAR-FS, GBEST, iCAST, and TIBER. · Maintaining awareness and understanding of the global threat landscape and help keep our clients informed via briefings or regular reporting, supporting marketing and outreach efforts via public speaking opportunities · Contributing to our all-source collection capabilities · Building and managing client relationships. Key Skills/Experience: · Strong written and verbal communication skills · Ability to present and simplify complex concepts to a variety of clients and stakeholders · Rigorous analytical approach, attention to detail · Understanding of the cyber threat landscape · Familiarity with intelligence-led security testing schemes Please email [email protected] with your CV and covering email to apply now!