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Securin Inc

Securin is a leading provider of tech-enabled cybersecurity services, helping hundreds of customers worldwide gain resilience against emerging threats. Powered by accurate vulnerability intelligence, human expertise, and automation, our products and services enable enterprises to make critical security decisions to manage their expanding attack surface.

Securin is built on the foundation of in-depth pentesting and vulnerability research to help organizations continuously improve their security posture.

Securin offers a comprehensive portfolio of tech-enabled services, including Attack Surface Management (ASM), Vulnerability Intelligence (VI), Pentesting, and Vulnerability Management. These capabilities allow our customers to gain complete visibility of their attack surface, stay informed of the latest security threats and trends, and proactively address their risks. By utilizing all our services, clients can have a proactive and holistic view of their security posture and protect their assets from even the most advanced and dynamic attacks.

Contact: Ram S Movva
E: [email protected]

T: 650-229-9623

CREST Accreditations

Penetration Testing

Ravi Pandey
(+91)44 4208 9337
[email protected]

Securin’s Penetration Testing helps you understand how exploitable your vulnerabilities are and how best you can defend yourself against them. Learn how adversaries can exploit your vulnerabilities and weaknesses to breach your critical systems and sensitive data.

Our penetration testing simulates a real-world attack on your digital assets. We adopt a hacker’s perspective to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in your environment to determine if we can move laterally and compromise your entire IT infrastructure and applications.

Securin’s Penetration Testers are an elite bunch of ethical hackers who use the same tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) that attackers use to exploit vulnerabilities and gain a foothold into your environment, without disrupting business operations. Securin’s penetration testers use MITRE ATT&CK framework and NIST 800-115 methodology to stress test your defenses.

Focus areas:
1) Network Penetration Testing
2) Web-application / API Penetration Testing
3) Mobile application Penetration Testing
4) SaaS Product Penetration Testing

  • Contact: Ram S Movva