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ThreatSpike Labs Limited

ThreatSpike Labs provides the first end-to-end fully managed security service for companies of all sizes. We provide cyber security monitoring, detection and incident response services as well as offensive security services to our customers.

ThreatSpike’s services are delivered using a software defined security platform that was developed in-house from the ground up. A team of highly trained analysts and penetration testers monitor all activity on customers’ networks and environments. Companies are alerted in real time to any active threats, as well as weaknesses that could be used by attackers at a later time.

ThreatSpike's unique platform allows companies to respond to identified risks and instantly implement protective controls such as web filtering, data loss prevention and network zoning.

Contact: Adam Blake
E: [email protected]

T: +44 20 8080 1680

CREST Accreditations

Penetration Testing


Red Team Exercises
Highly advanced adversarial simulation attempting to gain access to an organisation through cyber and physical intrusion

Infrastructure Testing
Penetration testing of specific systems and applications for known and non-disclosed configuration weaknesses, vulnerabilities

Web Application Testing
Penetration testing of web applications against OWASP using manual review and automated tooling to identify vulnerabilities

API Testing
Penetration testing of APIs to detect weaknesses that could disclose data or compromise integrity of systems and databases

Vulnerability Scanning
Periodic scanning of internal and Internet-facing systems to detect vulnerabilities and configuration issues

Threat Simulations
Purposely staged disruption of the network to assess response procedures

Firewall Ruleset Review
Review of firewall rule sets to identify any anomalies, vulnerabilities or compliance issues

Segmentation Testing
Review to confirm systems and environment segregation for security and compliance

Build Reviews
Review of operating system images to ensure they are hardened in accordance with best practices

CREST Qualified Consultants:

  • CREST Practitioner Security Analyst
  • CREST Registered Penetration Tester
  • Contact: Adam Blake