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Benefits of CREST OVS

Benefits of CREST OVS

The benefits of OVS accreditation for members

Get the opportunity to access a growing app development industry worth an estimated $200 billion globally
Grow your business with app developers
Visibly demonstrate to the buying community that you have sufficiently skilled and competent individuals to deliver ASVS and MASVS level 1 and level 2 assessments
Get use of the CREST OVS logo in marketing
Gain visibility to the app development buying community through the CREST website
The opportunity to shape the industry - for example with participation in a series of community workshops that will focus on securing the app development ecosystem


The benefits for the app development community:

Get access to quality-assured web security testing services for your businesses and products
Clear signposting to assured web security providers in a crowded marketplace
Standardised, clear and concise web security reports
Enhanced market profile by using respected, internationally recognised, web security assurance standard
Increased consumer confidence
Facilitates engagement with app store providers and other industry consumers
Improved opportunities to reach industry-specific markets, for instance in technology, financial services and healthcare


The benefits for organisations that rely on secure apps for their business:

Access to app developers who have used web security companies to test their apps to an internationally recognised standard
Added quality assurance when buying services from app developers
Potential insurance benefits by using a web developer whose apps have been tested by a CREST OVS-accredited company
Clearer signposting to reputable app developers who have used CREST-accredited web security services
Marketing benefits for organisations that insist on OVS testing for app development across their supply chains