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How do I access CRESTDrive?

CRESTDrive can be accessed before and after the exam via the following link: http://www.drive.crest-approved.org/ The CRESTDrive downloader will be accessible during the exam via a shortcut on the exam environment browser.


When using CRESTDrive, we recommend you use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.


Can I edit my files during the exam?

When the exam starts, candidates will be able to download their notes and files from CRESTDrive. Once this has been done, they will be able to modify/edit in the same as any regular file. 

Will CRESTDrive enable candidates to bring custom scripts / tools into the practical CCT-level exams?

This is possible, but as these tools and scripts cannot be tested, CREST has no way to ensure that they will work. Candidates can upload files up to a combined 100MB in size. Candidates utilising CRESTDrive are also subject to its terms and conditions.


Please find all detailed information including guidelines on how to use it, retention periods and other relevant information on this page 

How are the notes uploaded to the CRESTDrive secured, and are they deleted after the exam?

After the exam, files uploaded will be archived and exam candidates will no longer have access to them. Exam candidates’ files will be archived for three months and then securely deleted. More details are available on the CRESTDrive terms and conditions.

Do I need to log into CRESTDrive when I am in my exam?

All of your files will be available to you in the exam environment without needing to log in. You can find your CRESTDrive files via the shortcut in the browser’s bookmarks tab. 

When do I need to upload my files?

We recommend that you upload your files as you prepare for your exam, however all files must be uploaded 24 hours before the exam booking.

What if I cancel my exam?

In the event that your exam is cancelled, please note that any uploaded files will be securely destroyed.

What if I reschedule my exam?

For rescheduled exams, uploaded files will be retained and linked to the new exam date.

Can I copy and paste data from my files in the exam within the desktop?

Yes, files are accessible by downloading them to the candidate machines using the CRESTDrive downloader in the exam.

When will my files be deleted?

As per the terms and conditions, an exam candidate’s files will be archived for three months and then securely deleted.