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Verify a Certificate

Electronic certification

We have introduced a simple and secure verification process which enables anyone needing to check the authenticity of an electronic certificate, a potential employer for example, to do so via an automated process. Please see the Electronic Certification Process outlined below.

In line with the three-yearly revalidation requirement for all CREST certifications, all certificates will migrate from paper to electronic over the next three years.

All valid paper certificates containing an authentic numbered CREST hologram will continue to be accepted, subject to the existing email-based verification process. Please see the Paper Certificate Verification Process section below.

Electronic Certification Process

All CREST examination certificates were digitally signed from GlobalSign from August, 2021.

All digitally signed examination certificates will come as a PDF; it is imperative that you check that the PDF is digitally signed by CREST International.

The validation of digital certificates is not a feature in all applications that can open PDF’s.  For instance, at this time Chrome and Firefox will not validate a digital certificate.

Below are the tested applications. If you have a different PDF reader than stated below, please read the documentation of that application.  If validation of a digital signature is not supported, then you should install a software product as below:

  • Microsoft Edge: 

Download link: Download Microsoft Edge Browser | Microsoft – this is included in modern windows desktop operating systems.

Microsoft Edge will soon be releasing this feature; this page will be updated when this is the case.

  • Adobe Reader (free software):     

Download link: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, free PDF viewer download

Adobe Reader instructions
Step 1 – Open the PDF certificate as normal and double click on the signing logo.

Step 2 – The screen below will pop-up containing the signature details.

Step 3 – The pop-up should read exactly as above.  In particular, please note that:

  • It is signed by CREST International <[email protected]>
  • The document has not been modified since the signature was applied.
  • The signer’s identity is valid.

If all of the above are true, the digital certificate is valid.

If you have any doubts, please email [email protected]

Paper Certificate Verification Process

If you would like to verify the validity of a qualification held by a CREST Qualified Consultant, please email [email protected] giving the following information:

  • The name of the Consultant in question (mandatory);
  • The name of the qualification (mandatory);
  • The date that the qualification is valid from (if known);
  • The Consultant’s CREST ID number (if known).